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Be Great Foundation was started by Ciandress Jackson in 2019 to help address the economic and opportunity gap that exists in our society, by providing content and programming aimed at helping individuals in undeserved communities pursue engineering and technology careers. 

Initially, Be Great started off as a social media account, through which Jackson would share inspiring quotes and lyrics from her favorite hip hop songs, insights from classic and contemporary “mindset” and “motivational” books, content about building digital and online businesses, and a blog series entitled “digital dope” which highlighted black tech founders and their innovations.

An avid Nipsey Hussle follower and fan, Jackson also shared many gems and insights from Hussle’s prolific interviews. Being both distraught and touched by Nipsey’s death, Ciandress immediately begin writing a proposal for the Victory Lap 5k, to pay homage to one of her entrepreneurial heroes, while doing her part to continue the work that Nipsey so passionately invested in. As a technology consultant and serial entrepreneur, Ciandress shares in Nipseys’ passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and education.

The Victory Lap 5K in itself has been somewhat of a a Marathon, as it’s taken a full year to begin assimilating all of the moving pieces to make the vision come together due to various obstacles and setbacks. But we are both proud and humbled to see this vision finally come to fruition as we endeavor to give back to the community in the same way that Nipsey did. 
*Disclaimer: This Event is in no way, shape or form affiliated with Nipsey Hussle, the estate of Nipsey Hussle, The Marathon Clothing Company, or any of the like. We are simply inspired fans, seeking to pick up the baton, and continue carrying the shared mission and  vision of increasing representation of minorities in the participation of technology and engineering careers and ventures.



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"The Highest Human
Act is to Inspire"

Nipsey Hussle gave us a beautiful metaphor for overcoming challenges and hurdles in life. During a marathon you are bound to get tired. You are bound to become winded. You are bound to want to give up, and turn around. You are bound to even wonder why you committed to the process in the first place. This is the impetus for the Victory Lap 5K Race.

Though Nipsey Hussle is the inspiration, this event is not just about Nipsey. It’s about YOU…and you committing to crossing the finish line of whatever dream. goal, or vision  you are looking to achieve. And once we all cross that finish line together, both on race day, and in life, we will look back on the checkered flag of our accomplishments and celebrate with a Victory Lap. And once our Victory Lap has concluded, we will reach back into our communities and finish the work that Nipsey started. For, that is the best way we can honor the legacy of Nipsey Hussle, while giving birth to our own.

Nipsey Hussle on the Value of STEM Education, Entrepreneurship and Equity

See you at the finish line

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