It is our endeavor to provide (2) scholarships to any North Carolina A&T student pursing a STEM major. Scholarships will cover full tuition for one semester (Spring or Fall 2021). Scholarships will be awarded based upon essay submissions from one of the following questions. All essay submissions must be at least 500 words and include the question that you are responding to. Essay submissions should be email directly to

  1. What Nipsey Hussle lyric would you say is his most prolific? What wisdom can you offer from this lyric that will result in improvements in one or all 3 of the following  areas:
    1. Self Improvement
    2. Local Community Improvement
    3. Global Community Improvement 
  2. Diversity and Inclusion is a buzz concept that has generated large capital investments to the tune of $5 billion dollars annually, but has not resulted in more diverse tech sector workspaces, and have failed to hit key metrics that would.
    1. Why do you believe the investment in diversity and inclusion initiatives is missing the mark in terms of it’s targeted deliverables and KPI’s.
    2. What would you do differently to see that the results from annual capital spend towards diversity and inclusion, actually produce results that match the $ investment in the US’s top 3 technology corporations (Facebook, Microsoft and Google)?
  3. Highlight they key benefits and downsides of any emerging and/or disruptive technology. Provide a description of how you believe this technology will impact the status quo, and lead to either a better or worse future.

See you at the finish line

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