Loaded Bases Pitch Competition

Rules & Criteria

It is our endeavor, to provide 2 promising entrepreneurs with seed funding to start or grow a technology based venture or company. Pitches should be 4 more minutes or less in length, and should describe:

  1. The Business Venture name and background
  2. The Opportunity
  3. The Solution (the technology being deployed)
  4. The Market you are targeting
  5. What you will do with the grant funds if awarded

Submission Criteria: In order to submit an entry for the Loaded Bases Competition, you must:

  1. Reside in North Carolina. (1) grant will be presented to a Greensboro based entrepreneur. The other grant will be awarded to an entrepreneur who resides anywhere in North Carolina provided all other criteria is met.
  2. Must have one of the following identifiers which qualifies you as a minority or disadvantaged business/entrepreneur.
  • Ethnically classified as a minority (Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, Black or African American)
  • Woman of any race/ethnicity 
  • An individual 18 or under from a family who’s household income is less than 30,000
  • An individual 18 or older who’s combined household income is less than 30,0000

Please be as creative as your imagination leads you to be in your submissions. Points will be awarded on a scale of 1-5 based on how you perform in each category:

  1. How well you meet submission criteria
  2. How creative you are in your submission
  3. How well you tell your story
  4. Feasibility of the proposed solution and magnitude of funding impact
  5. Social/Community  impact of your solution
  6. Voting feedback based on likes/comments on submissions

To submit an entry, please navigate to the link below and upload your submission. Feel free to share your submission with your family, friends, and networks through social media and email to boost your overall score.  We look forward to learning more about all of the wonderful and creative ideas that you all have. To enter, please visit the following URL to upload your submission: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Hw9qS8Qd0qM7frlI5ZNR3vmX4XB27sDr.

The bases are loaded. Here come’s the pitch. Will you hit a home run? 

See you at the finish line

805 Jaycee Park Drive Greensboro NC 27455

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